Sunday, September 20

Kaymu joins list of AIG Start-ups to get zero data MTN support on app

Kaymu Nigeria is an online platform for the retailing of products from manufacturers. Having just stepped out from its online presence into the physical world through the launching of Kaymu Villages (although only in Lagos for now), Kaymu is now the latest member of the Africa Internet Group (AIG) to have MTN support it with the zero data application. MTN had earlier announced this type of support to the online platforms of Jumia and Jovago, who are online retailers and hotel booking services respectively.

This move looks to see even much more internet penetration in Africa and also, allowance of customers to work on these applications belonging to the above supported platforms and incur zero data charges while on the MTN network. This move would surely boost the way people use these platforms as they would be able to perform transactions, either buy or sell, without having to worry about the applicable data rates and the amount of charges that they are incurring.

The Managing Director of Kaymu in person of Sefik Bagdadioglu, has said “The high data costs are a major barrier for entry for consumers into the e-commerce space. We believe that this proposition will enable hard-pressed consumers to shop and engage in our marketplace without having to worry about the cost of data.”

The service would be available to users on the Android, Blackberry and iOS platforms who have the app and run an MTN-enabled smartphone.

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