Wednesday, December 2

Kaymu launches Kaymu Villages for offline transactions

Nigeria, the declared and generally acclaimed giant of Africa, boasts a population of about 180 million citizens and of these, only a little above one-third are internet users with the data standing at 67 million citizens. This means that about two-third of the population do not have access to the internet and its services likewise. Kaymu has then sought to expand its business base far more than the online presence it has created by launching its newest innovation, the Kaymu Villages.

These Kaymu villages are there to serve users that are not on the online platform or have internet access likewise. It is also for customers who find online transactions clumsy or would like to interact with Kaymu in environments that they would feel most safe in.

Also, local entrepreneurs who have their businesses on the Kaymu online platforms are encouraged by this plan to also come out and extend their businesses. To facilitate this, Kaymu has made sure that this local entrepreneurs would be given daily tips, e-commerce hints and also have seminars organized for them through the Kaymu University.

The Managing Director of Kaymu has said “We’re leading the way in giving people convenience when they shop online, so it makes perfect sense to extend this for when they sell offline too.” Speaking further on the subject, “Our continued success is all about listening and responding to customers’ needs – and we know that they expect ever
more convenience, choice and value. The Kaymu village further dissolves the lines between digital and traditional retail.”

With the first Kaymu village set to be located in Yaba of Lagos, the innovation is expected to spread fast to other economy-bubbling cities of Nigeria.

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