Tuesday, August 11

Kaymu partners MTN, launches zero rated mobile data app

Kaymu Nigeria, as you all may know, is an online marketplace in Nigeria and they’ve been one of the best start-ups in that business venture for a while. Hoping to improve access for its users and as well, make its services easy to use and access, Kaymu Nigeria has partnered up with mobile telecommunications giant, MTN, in a bid to launch a programme that would see customers enjoy free data access while using its zero rated mobile data application.

The zero rated mobile data app would ensure that both buyers and sellers can carry out transactions on the Kaymu Platform while using an MTN enabled device and in the end, they would not have incurred any data costs at all. Zero data.

“The decision to zero-rate data usage on the Kaymu mobile app is part of our strategic intent of offering a distinct customer experience and enhancing current marketplace community,” Managing Director of Kaymu in person of Sefik Bagdadioglu has said in a press conference.

The mobile application is currently available to users on the Blackberry (through Blackberry App World), Android (Google Play Store) and iPhone (Apple store) users.

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