Sunday, September 20

Kenya: Buyology launched to improve customer service

In a bid to place Kenya ahead of market competitors and provide the most conducive environment for customers and shoppers, a new startup called Buyology has been launched. The company has been named after a book of the same name which explains why people buy the things they do buy.

Buyology aims to use crowdsourcing to get in contact with and employ people (mystery shoppers) who would work as independent contractors. These people would be required to go on a shopping spree to whatever company requires their services. The aim of these is to enable these companies really know what their customers feel and their overall opinion of them after they have completed their transaction. Information would be harvested from these independent contractors which would serve as the base for the research.

Kenya: Buyology launched to improve customer service Technology: General

The founding manager of the company is Jacqui Mwangi, who is also an experienced marketer by virtue of her profession. Launching Buyology, she believes that it would help companies increase and improve on their customer service as well as all other areas where they are lagging behind to successfully please their customers.

Mwangi, who revealed that she was inspired by a newspaper article which claimed Kenyan banks were the worst in terms of customer service, aims to help firms understand their customers better and instead of push them away, work harder to retain them.

Signing up to be a mystery shopper with Buyology is pretty easy and simple. Mystery shoppers, asides getting the opportunity to make money on the side, would be paid in full for any products they purchased on a survey shopping spree.

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