Sunday, October 25

Kenya hopes to better farmers’ progress with WeFarm initiative

Slaving away under the scorching sun, the blistering cold and the starry nights, they work night and day to ensure that food and supplies do not end from the market. Farmers however, do not go unscathed when it comes to the challenges they face. Some of these include the basic infrastructural problems and others even go as far as their markets and related factors. Taking this into consideration, an helpful innovation was put in place to strengthen these nation backbones.

WeFarm has been launched in Kenya, starting last year and the programme aims to connect users around the world. Having already signed up some 22,000 farmers across Peru and Kenya, the aim of this platform is to connect farmers around the world, helping them interact with one another with the use of SMS.

The Africa Business Co-ordinator for the WeFarm project has said: “Smallholder farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia often don’t have internet access yet 90% now have access to a basic mobile phone. WeFarm is a mobile platform that allows farmers to ask farming questions, share answers and tips, all through a basic mobile phone”.
The co-ordinator, in person of Dennis Odera has also added that “WeFarm launched in February in Kenya and already we have just answered our 50,000th question, meaning that those farmers previously unconnected are now able to communicate and share vital information with one another”

The platform aims to connect much more farmers to one another, aiming at a least value of 75%, aiming to better the livelihoods of farmers in the process.

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