Sunday, September 27

Kenyan artifacts accessible online via Kenya National Archives app

Africa is a land of various cultures and diverse identities, and what is more beautiful is its uniqueness in diversity. These cultures, spanning different tribes and languages, are mostly marked by their own artifacts that were unearthed a long while ago. In a bid to protect these artifacts, Google Cultural Institute has partnered up with Kenya.

This partnership would see that important artifacts and documents would be protected and digitized in such a way that would ensure security and longevity. Being one of the GCI’s biggest programmes in Africa till date, the partnership will see 8 curated exhibits featured on the website alongside a thousand and more items.

Using GCI’s technology, a lot of artifacts and documents can now be made accessible to the Kenyan public as well as African populace through the Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services application.

It is expected that this venture would help Africans as well as other part of the world to truly recognize and appreciate the richness in the African culture, checking out its artifacts, important items and the likes.

Kenyan artifacts accessible online via Kenya National Archives app Technology: General

The application, which hopes to bring images and statues of Kenyan heroes alongside it, is set for a place in the African market having been already launched in the PlayStore.

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