Sunday, September 20

Kenyan students build innovative solar-powered motorbike

Our vehicles, be it of any make or manufacture, all have one thing in common – they have been built to run on a fuel of some sort. These fuels now range from coal (steam engine), diesel, petroleum and even, some funnily run on kerosene. These products are always subject to hike in prices and many times, tough scarcities.

Measures have been employed over the years to reduce the consumption of this device or even create one that runs on an alternate source. Africa, particularly Kenya, received a major thumbs up and pat to the back when a working model was made by technology developed by students in the University of Nairobi, Kenya.

Kenyan students build innovative solar-powered motorbike Technology: General
Charles Ogingo with one of the solar-powered bikes.

The students – Charles Ogingo, Robert Achoge and Ogola – all being final year students in the University of Kenya built a system that they named Ecotran. What Ecotran simply does is capture energy from the sun (i.e solar power), store it in battery components and then make use of it to run the motor that powers the operations of a motorcycle.

Supposed to have built an electricity powered bike, the students had revealed that the unsteady state of electricity in most part of Western Kenya has made the solar-powered bike a suitable alternative that would be a working prototype instead of just a liability.

The three students have also gone a step further to better their inventions by setting up what they call a ‘fueling station’, containing about 40 solar photovoltaic units that are capable of holding and generating about 250 watts of electricity. This power is then transmitted into usable energy that runs the motor of the motorcycle by some powerful inverters that have been built into it.

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