Tuesday, December 1

How To Know You’re Chatting With A Verified Business Account On WhatsApp

WhatsApp has since it’s purchase by Facebook gone beyond just an instant messaging app as the tech company has in recent months brought several updates and upgrades to the application including the 24-hours status story and the text status.

However, going beyond this, the tech company has also begun verifying some accounts as business accounts which makes it easier to conduct business on the Instant Messaging app by just chatting to your potential clients instead of having to visit their physical office.

WhatsApp has in its latest inclusion of updates brought the business verification account feature on which is great for business holders. The update which was formerly being tested on Windows Phone beta app has been extended to the Android platform.

WhatsApp on its FAQ page noted that a green badge next to a contact’s name indicate that the number has been verified and confirmed to be a business line.

The messaging app will also let you know when you’re chatting with a business line as a yellow messages will pop up inside the chat.

However, for security of the business and client, the company stated that there will be no opportunity to delete chats.

The report further mentioned that the Business Info section will roll out with the official update which should be expected to be perfected soon.

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