Sunday, September 27

KPMG partners with Digital Skills Academy to improve IT in SA

KPMG is a respected body and group in South Africa when it comes to the provision of services and financial related programmes. Well known for its services in areas such as provision of audit services, provision of advise on tax and tax related issues and as well, other advisory services, KPMG has announced its partnership and link up with Digital Skills academy, another body well known for its IT prowess. This partnership has been put in place and set-up in a bid to boost Information Technology skills in South Africa.

KPMG partners with Digital Skills Academy to improve IT in SA Technology: General

Aiming to bridge the gap that has been created by local IT skills in the country, the participants of this programme would gain real life and hands-on experience of what they are studying at the KPMG Head office in Jo’burg of South Africa, especially those studying for the Digital Skills Academy International Bachelor programme.

“The partnership with KPMG is the first of a number of similar agreements we will be announcing in South Africa and illustrates our desire to work alongside globally recognized corporate brands so that we are able to offer the very best in cutting edge experience to our degree participants,”, Paul Dunne, who is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Digital Skills Academy, has said.

This programme is run as an affiliate to the Dublin Institute of Technology and has its doors open to people who want to scale up their tech experience, graduates who wish to improve their CV and career prospects and even companies who wish to skill-up members of staff.

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