Saturday, September 26

Kwanji rolls out online forex platform in Kenya

Kwanji is an online platform that was basically created to support people aiming to do some business that involves foreign exchange. It then came as a great news when Kwanji announced its launch in the African continent. This means that Africans now have access to the full service and offers put on the table by Kwanji, and makes a huge step for online foreign exchange (forex) trading in the continent.

Kwanji, which aims to use its initiative to transform small and medium scale businesses drastically, would enable entrepreneurs from different sectors do business online, choosing exchange rates most suitable for them and in the end, end up not being overcharged.

Kwanji rolls out online forex platform in Kenya Technology: General

“In our global economy, businesses are increasingly expanding internationally, both for new investment and trade opportunities,” the Principal Consultant for Kwanji on the East and Central African Regions, Dr. Amit Khosla, has said . “Whilst global expectations are changing, international payments as the standard practice have not changed with the times,” Khosla continued.

“In this context, we also believe that emerging markets represent a real opportunity for businesses to grow. We believe that every company should be able to access global markets and as such, send funds and transact globally without being overcharged.”

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