Thursday, January 21

Latest Apple TV launches in South Africa (see pricing)

The Apple TV is a specialized and uniquely designed piece of technological hardware that is obviously, developed by the Apple team. The Apple TV has been manufactured to aid the selection and viewing of media content (which are audio and video) from iTunes for easy viewing.

With AppleTV, you get so much more as you can also stream in content live from YouTube for your viewing pleasure and likewise, upload your own content to the various online media stores. The upload of content is favored by AirPlay, iMovie Theatre and iCloud Photo Sharing which are all diverse franchises from the Apple Brand itself.

Just recently launching its Apple TV in various markets, it has now been announced by the Core Group that as from early this month (November), the TV would be present for sale.

Core Group has announced the price of sale for the Apple TV but has also gone on to state that resellers are responsible for their own increment in prices.

From the stables of the Core Group, the 3rd Generation Apple TV sells for R1,189; New Apple TV 32GB goes for a price of R2,499;the New Apple TV 64GB sells for R3,499;
Apple TV Remote goes for R1,299 and the Remote Loop for R229.

The Apple TV has integrated Siri into its set-up so you can now do so much more with even your voice.

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