Thursday, June 4

HP Elite x3 smartphone to sell in the US, European, African markets


Maybe HP is best known for their efforts in the personal computer manufacturing industry but all that is set to change now with the release of the HP Elite x3 – the company’s new and latest in the smart devices category. They are also looking to be a force to be reckoned with in the smartphone market.

Already, there has been news of the device coming in at a price of $799 but now, that has been confirmed to be a misconstruction and the Elite Book would instead be costing $699. By the end of this month (July), the windows 10 powered smartphone would be ready for worldwide shipment.

If you are in the United States and you would love yourself one of these devices, the starting price is the standard as quoted above at $699 and for customers in the European, African and middle eastern parts of the world, they would be retailing for €699.

The HP Elite x3 also offers some bumper packages alongside the standalone pack which can see you get an additional headset and a desk dock at the price of $799 in American markets and €729 in other listed markets above worldwide. However, this package won’t be available for shipping until the 29th of August.

Throughout its market stay, HP has already identified 47 diverse counters where the device would be launched for sale.


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