Sunday, September 20

Lenovo enters East Africa’s smartphonesphere

Lenovo, the worldwide brand that has already been declared the world’s number one PC company and is currently striving to take hold of the mobile technology market in all ramifications have set up base in East Africa.

The Fortune 500 company, which has its East African headquarters in Nairobi of Kenya announced during the launch of business activities that it had considered the steady and buoyant growth rate of internet technology in the African market and as such saw the need to invest into the mobile atmosphere already existing in the continent.

Lenovo enters East Africa's smartphonesphere Technology: General
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Kenya alone having up to 29.6 million active subscribers to the internet with a whooping 99 percent due to mobile subscriptions, the claims of Lenovo was justified and this truly shows how much internet usage is spreading even in a market as Africa.

Being a start-up once upon a time, Lenovo recognizes the daunting task that lays ahead and have therefore partnered up with telecommunications industries as well as major distributors in the East African zone. This would help them get their products across to people faster and undoubtedly increase their rate of expansion exponentially. Having already signed a partnership with Safaricom and holding talks with Airtel, their plans look to be set to sail already.

Africa, being a market where other brands such as Tecno, Infinix and even Samsung have set down their foot, the latter holding about 46 percent of total market share, there is lot of work on the hands of Lenovo who wish to target entry-level smartphone users and hold up to 20 percent market share before the end of the first quarter in 2016.

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