LG V10 features in new commercial, shows toughness

The smartphone, latest from mobile smartphones producer, LG, has been around for a while and the company is ensuring that their device gets all the publicity it needs before its been pushed to the outside world. Still being sold in the native Korean market, the company jumps at every opportunity it sees to market this device further in the hopes of boosting sales. Just recently then, LG released a commercial that showcased some of the strong features of the device. Don’t watch it if you don’t speak Korean though.

The new commercial shows us that this device is capable of handling itself even after a beating. It comes with a glass resistant to breaking up to a certain extent, and it is also well resistant to shock attacks too. All these are courtesy of Dura Skin – new technology to make phones tougher – which LG had vowed to add. The phone is not resistant to water though and they were smart enough to leave that out of the commercial.

This phone does not only brings toughness to the table though. For those of you who might have not heard about this device before, the LG V10 smartphone 5.7′ of screen, a 16MP rear camera and a 4GB RAM, holding up to 64GB of space that can still be expanded by the user as they see fit.

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