Sunday, September 20

Li-Fi: Internet that comes to you from your LED bulbs

When Thomas Edison finally made the technological breakthrough hundreds of years ago that led to the making of the world’s first light bulb, I doubt if he would have thought a day would come when his invention would do more than just what it was primarily made for – providing lightning.

The use of the traditional light bulbs have been fast diminishing these days though with the introduction of LED bulbs which consume way less power than their incandescent counterparts and produces less heat energy likewise. Asides from the fact that LED bulbs provide illumination, we are now looking at the possibility where we would be able to connect our smartphones and laptops to the internet with the use of our LED light bulbs.

This technological innovation is expected to make use of modulation of the light frequencies in such a way as to enable it store data in the basic language that computer recognizes – a bunch of zeroes and ones.

Contrary to popular belief that the frequent modulation of light would cause flickers that would not only be detrimental to the health of the eye but as well to that of people suffering from epilepsy, it has been revealed that the process of modulating the light would be so fast that even the human eye would not pick it up, making it safe and allaying those fears.

The pressure that is being placed on the Wi-Fi network due to the ever-growing community of smartphone users and data consumers is a major contributing factor to the birthing of this idea which has been conveniently named Li-Fi.

Li-Fi is expected to be able to pull an amazing 3.5Gb/s data worth while using a single blue LED bulb and at least 1.7Gb/s of data using a White LED bulb.

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