Sunday, September 20

Linda Ikeji finally gets domain name

The statistically proclaimed blogging queen of Nigeria, Linda Ikeji, who runs the successful Linda Ikeji Blog (popularly referred to as LIB) finally upgraded the website and got her own domain name.

The site had flown under the free, Google-owned blogspot domain since its inception but it seems Ms. Ikeji has now decided to dump that for something more, giving the blog a more web experience.

Linda Ikeji finally gets domain name Technology: General

LIB has been a top blog in Nigeria due to the wide range of topics it covers, the frequency of posts on the website and also, the appearance of breaking news on the website from time to time. It can also be stated that some of the success, albeit no one can determine how much, came from controversies that has stemmed from some articles involving personalities or happenings that has featured on the blog.

Having dumped the blogspot domain, it seemed a tough choice for Ms. Ikeji to finally settle down for a domain to purchase as cyber-squatters had already taken up the much likely names to be used in the hopes that something of this sort would happen and she would have to purchase the website rights from them. Unfortunately for them though, Ms. Ikeji chose to go with another closely related choice that no one had thought to take and upgraded the website to

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