Wednesday, August 5

Liquid Telecom Kenya says its ready to face the rainy season

For Kenyans and those who listen to some Kenyan and generally, African tech news, it would be known that a powerful rain has been forecasted and it is bound to hit anytime soon. A lot of properties are believed would be displaced by this rain that would inadvertently converted into a flood and a lot of people as well as companies are already putting some damage control measures in place to ensure that the effects of the rain on them would be minimal if not possibly neutral. One of such bodies is Liquid Liquid Telecom situated in Kenya.

Liquid Telecom is known for being responsible for carrying most of the ATM lines and banking data and as well, provision of bandwidth to other telecommunications companies. Shutting down of such a resourceful body could lead to both internet and financial blackouts and as such, the measures that the company had put in place were very much needed and necessary.

On completion of this two-month safety project, the Chief Executive Officer of Liquid Telecom in Kenya, Ben Roberts, has said “We launched an intensive contingency project as soon as reports began to come through of particularly heavy rains ahead”.

He then went on to say “We fully appreciate the disruption signal failure can cause and have thus worked at three levels to ensure the best possible service through any storms and flooding ahead.”

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