Sunday, September 20

Liquid Telecom (Rwanda)’s FTTH goes to homes and businesses with 100mbps downlink speed

Liquid Telecom of Rwanda was steadily building its FTTH service a while back and now that it is fully operational, has taken the service to home and businesses, racking up a milestone achievement in the process.

The service, which is now available in Kigali and its suburbs offers a speed of up to 100Mbps which makes Liquid Telecom’s FTTH the fastest broadband service available anywhere in the country right now. This didn’t come easy or with a snap of the fingers as the company had initially announced an investment well worth $35 million into the country’s economy for just last year.

Now operational in Kigali, the firm has made a vow that the service would be taken to other cities in the country as well so as to set up for better internet access, allow video conferencing and perks such as uninterrupted video streaming likewise. By the end of next year, for example, the firm has set a landmark for itself which sees it hoping to have connected about 15,000 homes.

Nic Rudnick has said “Connecting premises with a fibre connection is the holy grail of the fixed telecomms marketplace. We are investing heavily so that Africans also enjoy the Internet speeds and services that other parts of the world now take for granted.”

Elsewhere, Liquid Telecom is also building up its FTTH service so that the reach can be distributed. Other Africa countries which sees more than 100km of fibre laid weekly include Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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