Wednesday, June 3

M – the all new personal assistant from Facebook

After Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri, it’s now time for Facebook to announce its own and all new virtual personal assistant, Facebook M. Like Cortana and Siri, M is also powered by an artificial intelligence and will actually work like a mobile personal assistant. The software behind the assistant is designed in a special way, so that M can answer you according to the interaction you are having with it — you can ask M anything and it will communicate with you like you are holding a conversation with a real person.

M – the all new personal assistant from Facebook News Technology: General

M can make your work schedule and create alarms, make phone calls and send texts. Indeed M can organize a perfect candle light dinner for you or if you are feeling hungry and looking for a restaurant. Above all, it can book tickets for you or can purchase items and according to David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products in Facebook, M will achieve the crown of best AI–based service when it finally debuts

M is still in an experimental mode but it is believed that a beta version will be released very soon.

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