Tuesday, September 22

MallForAfrica improves app, launches updates for iOS and Android platforms

MallForAfrica.com started out small as a programme that would allow Africans shop for all and anything they wanted online and with relative ease. MallforAfrica which now saw its new applications roll out on both the iOS and Android platforms have taken a step further in ensuring better shopping experience for Africans, allowing shopping from at least 120 stores across both the United States and the United Kingdom.

MallForAfrica improves app, launches updates for iOS and Android platforms Technology: General

The new application gives room for more easy use and even interacts with the customer to help them utilize the app well, for instance, in situations where it prompts the user that it is time to click on the purchase button.

Reviewed by an MFA user who goes by the name “Taiwo”: “Thumbs up This is a great apps to shop on from both US and UK shops.Shipping cost is great compared to other air freight available in the country.Users of these apps needs to understand that you cannot use your amazon loggin on this apps.You will go to amazon through MFA apps.The customs and shipping cost will be available to you.You also have an opportunity for pickup in their office or door to door delivery.Please contact the customer service for more info.This is a good thing happening in Nigeria.Thumbs up.”

This is a great platform.”

Offical changelog for the new app:

What’s New

– Update to enhance speed.
– New security features making our app even more secure.
– Fixed minor bugs.
– Delete item from cart feature by holding unto item and selecting delete

In its aim to improve shopping experience for users, MallForAfrica has also introduced a more easy view and filter options across even more stores than it offered before. The application now also enables users to stay logged on for even more longer period of time, easing their checkout and making it as fast as possible.

What’s more? Many bugs from the previous version of the app has been fixed and it now enables users to check their cart in a more simplified, easy and smooth way.

To start shopping on MallForAfrica, go to your local Play Store or iOS App Store for Apple mobiles and download your own version of the app.

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