Sunday, September 27

Mashauri launches YEC, signs 152 student entrepreneurs

Mashauri recently introduced into its programmes a student-based Young Entrepreneur Connect accelerator programme featuring young student’s startups and ideas.

Mashauri is an European based company that is solely concerned with the increment of the rates at which entrepreneurs all around the world achieve success, using all of its online platforms in the process. The YEC accelerator programme was launched as part of the bonuses to the students that attended the Cape Town version of the YEC conference which held last month.

Mashauri launches YEC, signs 152 student entrepreneurs Technology: General

The YEC has already, since inception, signed up an amazing number of 152 students that are all from the Western Cape of South Africa.

The outfit’s blog post duly noted that due to the reaction and the excitement generated by the conference held last month, Mashauri hopes to keep the fire burning and hence, this idea was birthed. All the students that attended the conference would have access to Mashauri’s scientific process, training modules and as well, the community sections of their platform which will enable them to launch their ideas to the public and develop it.

The CTO of Mashauri, Victor de la Torre has said of the development “We are hoping to try and build an entrepreneurial ecosystem around the conference and programme. We will do this through further events such as a ‘demo day’ for those student founders who reach the end of the programme and wish to meet with potential investors — be they VCs, angels or corporate; as well as convening a workshop for local universities to start building cooperative connections”

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