Sunday, September 20

McDonalds who? This fast food’s Twitter account is run by a CHICKEN

The world is taking a new turn, and trust me, animals are not being left out of this new wave.

An Australian fast food company which specializes in the making and serving of chicken and chicken-based meals have taken another turn to their forms of Public Relations by allowing a chicken send its tweets to the social media giant and microblogging network, Twitter.

The chicken, which mostly pecks at the keyboard to create a bunch of unreadable words and jumbled characters is really garnering the much needed publicity for the company which has grown in over 8000 Twitter followers since they begun their little stunt.

McDonalds who? This fast food's Twitter account is run by a CHICKEN Technology: General

The chicken, which has been named Betty by Chicken Treat (name of the restaurant), has been said would be allowed to continue this way till it successfully sends out at least one 5-letter long word that actually makes sense, a move that could see the chicken earn a place in the prestigious Guinness Book of Records.

Coming close once when the chicken typed the word “bum”, the company has declared that its little practice is totally in alignment with ever Australian laws governing animal protection and warfare. If the chicken finally succeeds, there’s no news on whether it would end up where its ancestors went to – the fryer. If it finally does though, that would make for one expensive piece of chicken if the restaurant was looking at it from the commercial aspect.

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