Sunday, September 27

MCI teams up with KAON to manufacture set-top boxes for Nigeria

Fans and advocates of Digital Technology in Nigeria can now sit back and relax as there seems some kind of solution towards achieving the rollover from analogue to the digital platform and it looks every bit genuine.

Media Concepts International Limited (MCI) have, in conjunction with KAOM Media, come to terms on an agreement that would see both companies manufacture set-top boxes. These set-top boxes (STB) are aimed at helping Nigeria fully drive its analogue to digital switchover which has been billed to happen in the year 2017.

Speaking on the initiative was the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MCI in person of Michael Agbeyo who said that the initiative was a laudable one that would transform the face of technology. In his own words: “This is a significant milestone in the history of Nigeria because it will not only facilitate the transfer of the much needed technology but also create jobs for the country and thereby grow the economy.”

“The site for the factory is ready and by January next year, the foundation laying ceremony will be laid while by the end of the year, the factory will hopefully go on stream. The DSO is a massive project that will change a lot of things,” he spoke further on the subject matter.

The Director-General of the Nigerian National Broadcasting Corporation also had something to chip in and he has expressed his excitement at this innovation being a source of hope for the country to meet it’s a digital transmission deadline.

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