Sunday, September 20

Meet the diamond studded iPhone X collection

Coming after the official unveiling of the Appel iPhone X smartphone along with the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus devices, a more premium range of the smartphone has been spotted online sporting a diamond finishing.

The iPhone X which was unveiled in September comes packing the latest Apple A11 chipset and 3GB of RAM under the hood and comes priced at $999/£999/€1,149.

The price range however doesn’t seem much in the face of the Finnish company, Legend;s diamond finished device which comes packing 256GB of onboard storage space.

The diamond finishing comes with a detail of black and gold trim and is offered at €2,950 for the Aurum model which is the cheapest in the range.

The device comes with a 24K gold-plated back panel paired with nacre known as the mother of pearls and an inlaid logo which is made from a solid 18K gold rim.

The premium range of the iPhone X finishing also comes with the 0.3 carat red diamond for the Momentum iPhone X.

The device has with the added design increased in price and is only for users who wish to spend a fortune on copping the luxury device.

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