Sunday, September 27

Mellanox Technologies selects Consol as its channel distributor in Nigeria

Mellanox Technologies recently signed a contract with Contact Solutions Limited (ConSol) to expand their product range into Nigeria. The ICT solutions provider, Consol is the official dealer for Mellanox InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions. Consol was chosen as the channel distributor for Mellanox Technologies because it has an excellent track record.

Mellanox is specialized in providing products that will support InfiniBand and Ethernet such as InfiniBand/VPI adapter card, ethernet adapter silicon and ethernet adapter card. They has a customer database of over 10,000 customers around the world. With Mellanox Technologies, you will see an increase in the productivity of your business and a reduction in the cost.

Mellanox Technologies selects Consol as its channel distributor in Nigeria Technology: General

Ronen Bass, the head of sales for Mellanox, described that Mellanox solutions have been successfully implemented in many other markets around the world so they would like to introduce it into Nigeria. Bass pointed out that Mellanox technology is easy to use and upgrade. Among the customers of Mellanox Technology in Nigeria include reputable companies in the bank, gas and petrol sectors.

Mellanos hoped to get more clients from the local businesses in Nigeria because of their new relationship with Consol. Damoye Oyesiku, the Executive Director of Consol, stated that their customer support team will be committed to the pre-sales, sales and after sales of Mellanox.


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