Monday, September 21

Microsoft and AMPION to support 200 African entrepreneurs via Venture Bus programme

Microsoft4Afrika has teamed up with AMPION to provide support in form of finance and mentorship to a variety of startups for the 2015 Venture Bus, a fellowship and accelerator programme aimed towards startups’ growth in Africa. Across Africa alone, over 200 entrepreneurs are already signed up to the programme. This would ensure that they get access to adequate resources, networking opportunities and mentorship.

The programme, which is set to feature five buses at a start, would hold 40 entrepreneurs per bus spanning 16 countries. On the bus tour, the entrepreneurs would have access to mentorship on the go, visit local tech hubs and related areas to help them develop ideas to solving of various problems faced. This process would span seven days.

Throughout the proposed 6-9 months of the programme, Microsoft would offer in-country and virtual mentorship
through the MySkills4Afrika volunteer program (using Microsoft Cloud services, Skype for Business and Yammer to stay connected). Also, technical & business support and skills training, through BizSpark and the Microsoft Virtual Academy programs, to help them refine and take their business solutions to market would be available.

The first Venture Bus participating in the process has already completed a tour of the West Africa. The bus, which started in Cote D’Ivoire, passed through Togo, Ghana and Benin, with its final destination being in Nigeria for the DEMO Africa.

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