Thursday, January 21

Microsoft debuts Arrow Launcher for Android

Microsoft is a global and multinational brand that we all know too well, unless we’re yet to come across a personal computer. This established, it is know that Microsoft operates its own operating system which has been dubbed the Windows and faces stiff competition from other operating systems too. Having now transcended the world of personal computers only to the world of mobile phones, Microsoft faces an even stiffer competition from the iOS and especially, Android OS that has been ruling the market since.

Of recent though, Microsoft developers’ team seems to have taken an interest in the Google platform as they have launched yet another application to the Google Store. Called the Arrow Launcher, this would be the first ever launcher application that is built under Microsoft’s head name, and its significance lies in the fact that it was developed for Android users.

Already found on the Google Play Store, Arrow Launcher gives you a more user-friendly and seamless interface for your Android smartphones. The Launcher has some kind of “memory” with which it remembers those applications that you love and use the most.

It also features a tray, kind of the technology that appears on Apple iPhones which contains access to quick settings, key functions and apps that are dear to you.

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