Tuesday, September 22

Microsoft lays off another 1000 workers worldwide

Microsoft is a global and multinational brand that has their name, reach and products transcend even the US borders from within which they operate from. Since their debut in the smartphone market though, this software-producing giant has started to experience some problems just a little after that, leading to a lot of bad business deals, decline in sales and consequently, decline in avenues.

This downside stroke for Microsoft is not only creating holes in the pockets of the stakeholders of the top tier company but generating pink slips for many likewise. Even the Nigerian arm of Microsoft was not spared when the company earlier laid off about 85% of its total workforce in the country. It was that bad.

The third quarter of the year report for Microsoft has been released and it is open secret that the global brand isn’t doing well at all. Its mobile brand is suffering the most, experiencing a 54% drop in sales in that time frame only.

Not being able to keep up with this and the market at large, Microsoft has had to even print more pink slips now as the company is letting off more and more workers. An insider who had spoken to New York Times has said “The job reductions were spread across more than one business area and country and reflect adaptations to business needs” while another source is of the opinion that most letoffs now were processed from the company’s legal and finance department.

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