Wednesday, June 3

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows set to be released on September 22 2015

Microsoft is all set to release its latest Office 2016 suite in September. It’s not long ago the company brought us the final version of Office 2016 for Mac in the last month, and we have discovered Microsoft’s Office 2016 for Windows may not boast  many significant improvements over the previous version.

Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows set to be released on September 22 2015 News Technology: General

According to sources, Office 2016 for Windows will be launched for domestic and professional customers initially and is scheduled to arrive on September 22nd. Microsoft earlier revealed that the upcoming desktop version will feature a new “colorful” interface that’s quite similar to the latest Mac, iOS, as well as Android apps. The design and layout also shares a lot of resemblance with  Windows 10 touch enabled versions of Office, with a colored theme that goes with the MS Word, Excel, in addition to PowerPoint applications.

Users can switch between the traditional colorful themes beside a dark theme if they do not prefer the usual appearance of Microsoft’s Office apps. Microsoft is coming up with improved Outlook 2016 search, storage footprint as well as attachments and email delivery performance. Users can expect some more improvements to image insertion functionality in Word 2016 and Excel 2016. The most significant change that Microsoft has incorporated in Word is the real-time co-authoring feature in the desktop version of Office 2016.  Microsoft has confirmed that their Office 2016 suite is now in a testing level before the final release takes place.

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