Sunday, September 27

Microsoft plans to boost brand presence in Africa via education

Just two weeks after that launch of the $75million investment that is aimed at improving programmes in the community and increasing access to the education of youths on the subject of Computer Science, Microsoft is already looking to grow its hold on the African market and increase its market share steadily.

This is similar to one of the programmes launched by the same multinational brand in the year 2012 which was tagged “Employability Platform”. This platform was responsible for and is in the process of the creation of over 100,000 jobs and employing Africans to fill the positions thus created. The Employability Platform was used to provide those seeking jobs some mentorship, skills, career guidance and also, to send job opportunities their way.

Microsoft plans to boost brand presence in Africa via education Technology: General
Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 XL in a New York, USA event on October 6th.

The most recent investment of Microsoft to the African Society which is the educational investment is using its YouthSpark initiative to prepare the youths with a computer-oriented thinking and problem solving skills to incline them towards technology. Cash donations have been made to non-profit organizations that would help Microsoft achieve this dream. Of the non-profits that are beneficiaries is SilaTech which is situated in the Middle East and Africa.

“More and better education, combined with early access to the tools and skills used in the workplace, are proven to help create healthier communities, economies and workers who are ready to enter the workforce,” said Anthony Salcito who is the Global Vice President for Education.

The teachers of Gayaza High School of Uganda are already attending classes in ICT where they will be trained to be fully equipped. It is reported that they have started to embrace the concept of technology as 90% of them are using laptops.

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