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Microsoft Surface Book pre-order opens again, customers to wait longer

Its like Microsoft is really living up to the hype that is had created surrounding the launch of its first ever, self-created personal computer which has been aptly named the Surface Book. The laptop, which can transition into a beautiful and fine tablet when detached from its keyboard, got sold out on pre-order the first time the option was made available to users.

Microsoft had already given a launch date of October 26 and then subsequently opened up the option of pre-order to customers on its website to give some people the edge over others as the first users. It seems that the amount of promises made by Microsoft on the “world’s fastest and thinnest laptop” is paying off as their first set of pre-order devices has even been sold out for now.

Microsoft Surface Book pre-order opens again, customers to wait longer Technology: General
For the records, the cheapest version of the Microsoft Surface Book (128GB storage, 8GB RAM and iCore 5 CPU) starts at $1,499.

On Tuesday, a new prompt which read “E-mail me when available” was visible on the website for interested candidates who were not able to get to the pre-order fast enough. The Microsoft Surface Book is expected to come in a variety of five different models and good enough, the pre-order can be accessed from Microsoft’s website again and now that is it available for pre-order again, the shipping times that are assigned are very lengthy. Three models of the device do not even start to ship for 5 to 6 weeks while the other two have even lengthier shipping dates, standing at seven to eight weeks.

A Microsoft spokesperson speaking on the development said “We’ve seen strong demand for Surface Book and have sold out of Pre-order supply for October 26 availability. We will have limited quantities of Surface Book available in store on October 26.”

Via: CNet

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