Tuesday, September 22

Microsoft Translator adds Swahili to language database

Microsoft Translator is one of the cloud technologies that was introduced and run by Microsoft. This technology, which has been highly successful in its own department by the way, offers you some kind of on the go translation service which makes sure that your text gets automatically translated.

The Microsoft Translator then, having been made available to various countries with various languages, has made its debut on the African language by the introduction of Swahili (also known to some as Kiswahili) to the platform.Microsoft Translator adds Swahili to language database Technology: General


The Swahili language is one that is widely spoken, used for communication by some 150 million people. This language is then peculiar to Africans living in the areas of Kenya, Burundi, DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. Some parts of Southeast Africa also indulge in the speaking of this language.

Adding Swahili to the total system of Microsoft Translation would do more to bridge the language barrier between non-profits and locals, help government to make proper documentation available for free and the likes, among other things.

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