Sunday, September 27

Microsoft’s Surface Book sells out in pre-order rush

We announced sometime ago on this website the Microsoft has introduced a new laptop into its line of technological products. It is known that Microsoft has never itself made a personal computer let alone a laptop, instead partnering up with different personal computer makers over the years to launch and implement its operating systems. This was soon to change though as Microsoft introduced the Surface Pro Book.

Microsoft's Surface Book sells out in pre-order rush Technology: General
Microsft’s Surface Book has fared excellently in the first round of sales. Image credits: Gottabemobile.

With the awesome specifications featured by the device, the sightliness of the laptop PC and finally, the promises of being the world’s best personal computer, even Microsoft might not have expected what would happen next. On its official website, the Microsoft device can now not be ordered anymore as customers have completely pre-ordered the available units for sale on its website. This means that interested individuals would have to look elsewhere if they hope to have the laptop.

Avoiding the market of laptop computers and personal computers for most of their existence, this pre-order record means a positive boost for Microsoft, translating to the fact that users are interested in what Microsoft has to offer. Being at entry level, this would certainly encourage them to keep up their work in this new market venture for a while more.

Other customers who wish to pre-order can still do so via online retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon and Fry’s Electronics. Expected to officially launch on the 29th of October, Microsoft should be ready to create a new account for this one.

Via: PCWorld

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