Microsoft’s Windows 10 has crossed 200 million users in 6 months

Windows 10 was released six months ago and it is now running on over 200 million computers all around the world Microsoft says. The United States software outfit claims that the operating system is one of its finest product till date.

The growth of Windows 10 has also been accelerating with more than 40 percent of Windows 10 devices coming along after Black Friday of 2015. With its incredible volume, Windows 10 overtook the place of Windows 7, the previously most widely used operating system in the world.

Putting into perspective, Microsoft stressed out that in December of 2015, people have been spending over 11 billion hours of using Windows 10. When it comes to Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 bundled-in browser, people spent 44 billion minutes of consumption.

PC game enthusiasts spent over 4 billion hours of playing on Windows 10, while 82 billion photos have been viewed using the Photo app.

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