Sunday, September 27

MIT researchers create technology that sees through walls

MIT does not just have some of the best research facilities and as well, personnel in the world by word of mouth but by their actions and innovations launched by this research firm and engineering institute.

A group of MIT researchers just made a groundbreaking technology in their research which has seen the development of the “RF Capture” with which images formed even behind a sold wall can be picked up.

MIT researchers create technology that sees through walls Technology: General

The research is courtesy of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence laboratory and makes use of wireless technology which would then pick up some reflections due to the silhouette of a person standing against a solid wall in the other side.

The silhouette tracking device is able to depict even bodily movements as much as a person writing and even determine up to 15 people in a room. Currently, the accuracy threshold of the RF Capture is set at about 90%.

Simply put, with the RF Capture, someone on the other side of the room could determine that you are in that room, determine who you are and determine which had it is that you are moving.

This technology can transcend this lab and find major application in centers such as military and defense, film making, etc.

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