Sunday, September 27

Mobile Monday Nigeria to hold e-commerce security event with OLX

Mobile Monday Nigeria is an organization, launched to be non-profit by virtue of its structure, which is keen on bringing the mobile community together in an aim to improve co-operation and business development across borders. Mobile Monday Nigeria has then announced that it would be hosting an event in Lagos, themed around being secure in the e-commerce world and who better to announce their partnership with on this event but OLX?

OLX is one of the leading online buying and selling platform in Nigeria. It offers buyers the chance to choose from a wide variety of catalogued materials and also gives sellers the chance to place their wares up for sale.

Many have complained over the years of being victims or knowing of someone that has fallen victim to these online transaction frauds. This has made a lot of people step back from doing business online albeit losing from the vast benefits that this offers in the process. The event which has been themed “Making E-Commerce more secure in Nigeria” aims to discuss these problems as well as practically applicable solutions to them, making our online transactions free for all.

The event which is set to take place on the second of November at The Social Place, Victoria Island of Lagos would see speakers such as. Jameelah Sharrieff-Ayedun (CEO/MD, CR Services (Credit Bureau) Plc), Ope Adeoye (PM, Consumer & Mobile Services at InterSwitch Limited) and Femi Taiwo (CTO at INITS Limited).

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