Tuesday, September 22

Mobile payment platform Mozido sites African HQ in SA

Mozido is a platform that offers the functionality of performing transactions that includes cash online. This includes the sending and receiving of cash from different people over different time zones. A subsidiary of this multinational body which is for Africa, Mozido Africa, has then announced the opening of its African headquarters, which means Africans would have better access to their services now.

Mobile payment platform Mozido sites African HQ in SA Technology: General

The headquarters which would be situated at Jo’burg in South Africa is aimed at transforming the way money services are treated in Africa. This move was birthed from the fact that Africa is one of the fastest growing mobile money market in the world, making the continent a suitable ground for some start-up.

In light of this most recent development, the founder of Mozido has spoken, saying “Our mission is to provide financial accessibility globally. Africa is a vital region for implementing Mozido’s operations and strategically it made sense to have our regional headquarters in Johannesburg.”

Founder, Michael Liberty, added, “Currently, Africa leads the world in mobile money use, therefore Mozido will have a great deal to contribute to and learn from the growing and active consumer base.”

The operations of the Mozido platform in Africa would be led by its African Regional Manager, Cuthbert Tembedza.

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