Sunday, September 27

Mobile phones prove major boost mechanism for local businesses in Tanzania — research

Mobile phones have been an integral part of our lives for a very long while now and they have found application in our day to day lives, proving essential and very needed day by day. From performing simple operations such as keeping calendars to other tasks such as composing a Word Document, mobile phones are doing the unthinkable and would never fail to wow us.

Recently, a research carried out in Tanzania has shown that possession of mobile phone by women in Tanzania, especially business women, is a huge boost to both the women and the economy and large.

The research, carried out by the College of William and Mary in the United States of America drew this conclusion. Of the stunning discoveries that were made is that although two-thirds (about 67 percent) of Tanzanians own a phone, a lesser percentage (about 40 percent) of women own phones.

Speaking on the research and giving an affirmation to the research conclusions, a local trader who goes by the name of Asha Masoud, talked on how mobile phones has changed her life and her business. “I don’t have to go to the bank. I even pay my suppliers by Tigo Pesa.”

She said that this has eased the long hours she usually had to queue in banks to make her monthly loan repayments and pay her supplies. Armed with her mobile phone and the Tigo Pesa service, all she need to is pay via the app.

The study was carried out by giving out mobiles phones to 60 businesswomen and the growth of their businesses observed over a period of time. All experienced significant increase due to the inculcation of mobile phone use in their business.

The women were able to use their mobile phones to get market prices, keep up with trends and as well, access market information. They also used their phone to stay connected to their customers, making and receiving payments to and from the bank respectively in the process likewise.

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