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More juicy specs of upcoming BlackBerry Priv leaked

The Blackberry Priv is one of the smartphones that the management of Blackberry are currently working on right now in order to gain some lost ground in the mobile market and to subsequently control a considerable amount of market share again. The device which is yet to be officially announced, let alone launched, has had its specifications leaked time after time and so far, they’ve been juicy things to look out for.

Planning to run its new flagship device on the widely popular Android OS, the only traditional thing that Blackberry has kept to in the design of this device is the feature of a traditional physical keyboard. On that issue, they seem to be unrepentant.

More juicy specs of upcoming BlackBerry Priv leaked Technology: General

Not quite long ago though, the Blackberry Priv has featured in the news again, and not to worry, it is all for the good reasons as more and more specifications are being leaked of the device, already heightening the customer expectancy of what Blackberry would do to an Android OS.

The Blackberry Priv has been believed to be of heavier built, even heavier than the Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung but new pictures have suggested otherwise. It even features a more thinner body than you would get on the Note.

Being a slider as previously unveiled, the device features an on-screen keyboard when the slider is closed and also has a sharp Quad HD resolution screen. A downside is that the camera of the BB Priv, coming at 18MP, takes a longer time to focus in the dark.

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