Tuesday, February 18

Mozilla 14 Now Available, How To Download

Mozilla have added quite a few upgrades to the newest web browser, but the arguable most notable one is that of “secure search”.

Mozilla have adapted their Firefox web browser to work alongside Google’s safe search feature.

The built-in search bar in the browser will automatically use a SSL-encrypted HTTPS address for all Google searches. This ensures that none of the user’s searches can be intercepted by any other users.

“Google is currently the only search engine that allows Firefox to make your searches private, but we look forward to supporting additional search engines with this feature in the future,” Mozilla explains.

Another impressive feature of Firefox 14 is support for the Pointer Lock API, which allows data sent through a user’s mouse to be pinpointed to certain page elements. This has a range of applications, but will be most noticeable for online gamers.

If you are interested in the newest Firefox, and don’t already have the old version, then it can be downloaded from the Mozilla site.

How To Download Firefox 14

Go to mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/fx/, select your disired Firefox 14 language and click Download.

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