Sunday, July 12

MTN and Liquid Telecom tie up to share Africa’s mobile network market

Wednesday saw the handshaking of two companies – Liquid Telecom and MTN Group – who will conjointly offer telecom services across the African continent. The press release ran that Liquid Telecom which prides itself as a leading data and voice service provider in eastern and southern Africa is tying up with MTN Group to feed the rising demand of the business users across the Western part of Africa. Primarily, the collaboration is focusing on broadband services.

The tying up of the duo has certainly some clause and under the deal, both of them will be able to avail one another’s fixed and wireless networks when it comes to carrier-to-carrier, broadband access, data services etc. They may avail the other’s service even in countries where one party may not have its presence at all.

With this deal, Liquid telecom is expected to provide gigabit speed services in many African countries that includes Liberia, Nigeria, Sudan so on and so forth. On the other hand MTN has an extensive network. The South African company has its presence in as many as 22 countries.

Earlier this year, there was attempts made by American Tower Corporation to buy MTN assets and hold a position in the market. However, that did not see light due to some causes.

Credits: The Telecomist

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