Saturday, September 26

MTN and NITRA Predict Sharp Increase in Broadband Penetration By 2017

Statistics from MTN and NITRA show that there will be a significant increase in the number of people that use broadband internet in Nigeria by the year of 2017. According to NITRA, they have difficulty in increasing the broadband internet usage up to their goals every year. They are already facing problem in increasing the broadband usage from 6% – 8% in 2014 and from 8% – 10% in 2015. The National Broadband Plan has set a goal to achieve a 30% growth in broadband peneration by 2018. They are convinced that it is possible to arrive at the target growth if the major stakeholders and Nigerian government are involved.

Olusegun Salam, the senior manager at MTN, stated that they will be carrying out a campaign on LTE broadband technology. They will try to encourage people to use broadband internet by reducing the prices of the smartphones. Salami said that they actually have started the broadband penetration project back in 2007 through the introduction of 3D technology. The introduction of 3G networks eliminate the outdated 2G networks. Both NIG and NITRA are doing their best to get rid of the impediments that is preventing the further growth of bandwidth penetration in Nigeria.

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