Sunday, September 20

MTN Data4Keeps allows your data bundle stay active for 365 Days

Mobile Telecommunications Network, conventionally dubbed as and widely known to be MTN, is now an household name in Africa when it comes to quality provision of mobile service spanning calls, data and other provisions from a network provider. The South Africa-based telecommunications giant has recently introduced a new plan to their data categories which allows you keep data for a total of 365 days, the mathematical equivalent of one year.

MTN Data4Keeps allows your data bundle stay active for 365 Days Technology: General

Gone are then the days when we rushed to exhaust our data on deadline day when rollover is not possible. This new plan by MTN is expected to favor business corporations as well as individuals who would prefer a one-year straight up plan instead of having to make monthly subscriptions and evaluate data rates and costs.

The new project has been called the MTN Data4Keeps and ensures that when subscribed, you have a validity period of 365 days.

The offer, which is open to subscribers on the MTN network enjoying a PayAsYouGo plan or contract plan, is set to accommodate only the first 100,000 from both plans to subscribe to this offer. The purchase price for each Data4Keeps bundle is shown in the images below. This would allow users load bundles once, which would constantly recur in form of monthly renewals, with users able to load up to 45GB of data.

Refer to the table below for the full data list:

Data Price
5MB R4
20MB R12
50MB R25
100MB R35
300MB R75
500MB R105
1GB R160
2GB R260
3GB R330
5GB R430
10GB R650
20GB R1,250

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