Sunday, September 27

MTN Ghana plans to build Ghana’s ICT infrastructure: New CEO

Mr. Twum Asante was just recently appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer of the MTN brand that operates out of Ghana – the MTN Ghana. This appointment was most significant due to the fact that since MTN had launched in the country, it had never had a Ghanaian CEO up until now. In light of this, some of the people over at the Network of Communications Reporters (NCR) formed a team to go congratulate Mr. Twum.

On this congratulatory journey, Mr. Twum Asante told the NCR members that MTN has faith in Ghana and reveled its plans to build Ghana’s Information and Communication Technology network. MTN – with over 15 million subscribers and being the leading telecommunications platform in the country – has these plans and hopes that upon successful implementation, would project Ghana to the forefront in the technological space. He has however called upon the government and other key players in the industry to create a suitable operating atmosphere that these dreams may be actualised.

To the delegates, Mr. Twum also made mention of how MTN has grown in Ghana over the span of the last four years when he said that the MTN customers were only on the voice network as at those four years ago but now, of there 15 million subscriber base, more than half (at 8.5 million) are now doing data.

“So in terms of data penetration on MTN network is more than half of the base. And then 4.5 million are also doing mobile financial services and those 4.5 million subscribers are people transacting every single month. MTN is not only growing in numbers but also growing in depth in terms of services that customers are using”, said the CEO.

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