Sunday, September 20

MTN Nigeria scraps Infinix Android One data bundle

It was good news for everyone when Chinese smartphone developers, Infinix, launched their first ever Android One smartphone and then did well by bringing it to us in Africa. It was a better thing of joy to us when a mobile telecommunications giant in MTN also announced then that it would partner up with Infinix to provide users with plans for the Infinix Android One device. This made sure that the users of such device would get the best deals on data available from MTN. Little did we know that our excitements would not last for a long while.

The plan to support Android One devices has most recently been dropped by MTN. The plan, which allowed users 1GB of data for a token of #500 only was scrapped due to reasons untold. The plan, which used to be activated by texting A1 to 131 now displays a different message when the code is dialed. This message read thus:

    “Sorry, in adherence to regulatory requirements, the Android One bundle has been withdrawn. Please dial *123*3# *123*4# for other exciting bundles offers. Thank you.”

Complaints are flying around by people who are utterly disappointed in MTN for scrapping this plan, leaving them at the mercy of exorbitant data prices. The question is, didn’t MTN check for adherence to regulatory requirements before floating the bundle in the first place? Another is, why was the data plan scrapped?

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