Tuesday, September 22

MTN Rwanda partners Safaricom to aid money transfer across Uganda, Kenya

Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) which is a giant in the business in all the African countries where it has set up is really breaking new heights everyday. The company, which started out with the prospect of bringing us quality services over voice operations, data and other forms of network connectivity is now daily doing more to better the lives of Africans everywhere even beyond the reach of its primary business.

It is on this note that MTN in Rwanda have made a deal with Safaricom in Kenya which is aimed at opening doors of financial transactions between these two African countries. This new partnership would ensure that MTN Mobile money and M-PESA users can now interact financially with each other, barring the borders that separate them.

The CEO of MTN Rwanda, Gunter Engling, has lauded the efforts of a partnership with MTN Uganda and Safaricom, saying “We are determined to strengthen the path we are taking towards financial inclusion in Rwanda and I believe that this new partnership will be a powerful driver of economic growth. We are witnessing huge technological changes that have the potential to usher in a new era of financial inclusion which we are determined to be a part of.”

The service has been promised to ensure convenient and immediate remittances of funds transferred over the network. If you are on the MTN network and wish to send money from Uganda or Kenya, simply dial *830# and follow the prompts. There is also a nice feature that would allow you see the international rates of money conversion presently applicable.

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