Saturday, September 26

MTN throws a deadly blow at FrontRow TV competitors (Netfix and co.)

MTN South Africa has announced that it will zero-rate data usage for subscribers streaming content on its FrontRow service.

This latest move by the telecommunications company is aimed at raising the stake in the highly competitive video-on-demand (VOD) industry in the country. This means the company has stolen a match on its rivals; especially with Netflix set to launch its service in South Africa in 2016.

The company’s decision to zero-rate data usage means customers can now watch video content streamed over its network without incurring charges for data usage. With FrontRow, customers are able to access 2,300 hours of content, including popular shows like The Office, Sherlock, 30 Rock and Mad Men. They will also be able to watch music videos, documentaries, movies and children’s programming.

“The decision to zero-rate data usage on FrontRow is part of our strategic intent of offering a distinct customer experience and enhancing our current VOD services,” said MTN South Africa sales and marketing executive Larry Annetts in a media statement.

“The high data costs are a major barrier for entry for consumers into the VOD space. We believe that this proposition will enable hard-pressed consumers to access the latest movies and TV series without having to worry about bill shock.”

MTN throws a deadly blow at FrontRow TV competitors (Netfix and co.) News Technology: General

Recall that FrontRow is the only VOD service in South Africa to have all six major Hollywood studios represented in its catalogue.


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