Wednesday, September 30

MTN Zone stuck at 40k/second? Here’s how to fix it

MTN Zone is the arguably coolest prepaid tariff plan on the network in terms of voice calls. With calls being charged as low as 4 kobo (0.04 naira) per second at off-peak periods, this plan allows you to communicate with your loved ones and business acquaintances without breaking your pocket.

Now, there’s this tsunami brewing recently which got everyone complaining. Customers were stuck at 40 kobo per second — the highest call rate onĀ  the plan — at on-peak and off-peak hours. So, how do you stop this? How do we return the calls to 8 kobo, 12 kobo per second?

How To Remove MTN Zone From 40k/second

To do this, you’ll have to flush your call charges. This is done by changing to another tariff plan and back to MTN Zone. Follow the steps below:

  • Simply dial *406# or text 406 to 131 to
  • Text 135 to 131 or dial *135*1# to get back to MTN Zone

Now that’s that. You are good to go.


On your migration to MTN iPulse, you won’t be charged — if it’s the first time you are swapping prepaid plans in 30 days. On migration back to MTN Zone, 100 naira will be deducted from your account, a similar charge is attracted whenever you change your tariff plan before another 30 days.

About MTN Zone

MTN Zone is a plan which allows you to call your peeps at moderate to normal prices during peak periods and enables very cheap rates during off-period times. The rate at which your call will be charged is usually displayed at the beginning on each call.


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