Monday, April 19

MultiSource’s acquisition of WBS might see new LTE operator in SA

Recently, we brought you the news on the approval of MultiSource’s wish to acquire the totality of Wireless Business Solution (WBS) and as well, iBurst, which is a subdivision run by WBS. After almost a year between when WBS announced that it was listening to three bids of which MultiSource’s was the best, Icasa then gave a green light for the deal to go through which we expect to see anytime this week.

The Chairman of MultiSource in person of Phulmani Moholi has said that they wish to take charge of the platform and use it for some kind of LTE service generation. Speaking on the recent acquisition to-be, he said “The reality is that we have to utilize the assets, and one of those assets is the spectrum. It’s one of the very reasons we went for the deal.”

Part of the assets that Moholi was talking about included the 1800MHz frequency bands which coincides with that used to roll out the LTE network.

Moholi has also erased all doubts as to whether the acquisition would now finally take place after Icasa’s approval by stating that all the stumbling blocks in their path has already been leveled and rolled away, and all that’s left between them and the acquisition is just a few commercial things.

With speculations that the deal could go through this week and that CEO position of the business under MultiSource could fall to Duncan Simpson-Craib, Moholi confirmed neither of these speculations.

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