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MUV’s Bird: control your world from your fingertips

MUV Interactive is an Israeli-based startup that has launched what is probably the most innovative thing in modern technology right now, bringing the future to our very present. With its new interactive feature, the MUV Interactive body has created a device which they have named Bird with which you can control virtual everything else. Think of a master key, think of Bird.

This type of technology has been in the world earlier but under a different body. With Microsoft once announcing the make of their device which they had named the Kinect, it was believed this would transform the way we link out body to our smart devices but on launching, it was seen that it was a huge leap of faith for mankind, but a small leap on the part of this technology.

MUV's Bird: control your world from your fingertips Technology: General

This hopefully will soon to be changed by the kind of technology that powers MUV’s Bird. The Bird, which can be worn on the pointer finger, is capable of controlling a variety of activities in the home. Just wear your Bird and watch how easy it would be to flick the lights on or off, toggle the TV off when in bed and you’re too lazy to get out and all other cool stuffs.

According to the developers of Bird, it is “a tiny wearable for your finger that makes any space interactive”. In short, anything that can be controlled by a smartphone can be controlled by Bird too.

The Englishman had rightly said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Having achieved its thousandth mile (so to speak), the first step of MUV came five years ago when the company was founded by Rami Parham. So far, about 15,000 units of Bird has been sold to enterprises as well as customers from education field.

On second the promo video, BGR reported that there were hardly any film tricks involved:

There are no camera tricks in that video, awkward though the directing and editing may be at times. The motion and proximity sensors allow users to control the flight of a drone just as you see in that video. Drones are still something of a niche, of course, but there’s something else you can control with Bird that isn’t a niche: Your home.

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